Notifications keep going back to unread

(Christoph) #1

In the past few days, I have been seeing notifications that I have previously clicked on and read go back to unread after a while (i.e. after leaving the site and later returning to it). It’s not just the notification colour in the menu, I actually get new notification count dots on my avatar.

So far, I’ve only seen it on one site where I’m a moderator, not here on meta and not on my own site. I have no idea how to bug track this, since it seems to happen randomly.

Has anyone seen anything similar or is it just some hiccup on that site?

(Christoph) #2

All staff on that site are seeing the sane issue (don’t know about other users). Each of us has one or a few posts that we keep getting notifications for. We have upgraded to latest yesterday but the issue persists.

What else might we do?

No notification for whispered replies
(David Taylor) #3

Are there any failing sidekiq jobs? Maybe the notification jobs for those specific posts are getting stuck and then repeating themselves… check the “Retries” list

What plugins do you have?