Notifications: No EMail But Show Online?


My apologies if this has been asked/answered, but I done extensive searching here and elsewhere, and cannot find an answer.

How Do I Keep/Show Notifications Online, but Do NOT Get EMail Notification?

Here is topic that had promise, but it was closed without a full understanding/description of the Notification feature:

####If I am “Watching” a Topic, I want to:

  • See online Notifications for all posts (except mine).
  • NOT receive the corresponding email notification for these.

####By “onine Notifications”, I mean the views provided by:

  • The “User Menu” (clicking on my avatar in top right, or pressing “p”)
  • The Notifications page:<UserName>/notifications

IOW, I want to manage my Notifications, new posts, using the online tools, but I do NOT want to receive any email about them.

The exception to email notification, would be if I have checked any of the following in my Preferences:

Can anyone explain how to do this?

If it can not be done, please consider this a feature request.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

We have no plans for this feature in the forseeable future.