Notify about flags after Bug take 2


A few weeks ago I reported the following. It was marked are resolved however this bug still exists. I still do not receive any notifications about flags regardless of the setting in the attributes.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you update to latest? What is the Discourse version in view source? Are you a moderator? If you do nit hold the moderator flag on your account you will not be notified. @neil can confirm.


Yes i am running v1.8.0.beta11 +3, I assume thats the latest.

Yes none of the admins are getting emails about the notification flags.


(Neil Lalonde) #4

You mean moderators? Do you have any moderators on the site?


They are all admins. Does moderators need to be applied specifically to admins?

(Dean Taylor) #6

Yes, the “Moderator” flag is separate from the “Admin” flag.

A user can be an Admin without bugging them about moderation actions.


Ok thanks. I will give it a try


Ok I have been testing this, and none of the moderators are getting notified about flags via email.