Notifying topics with no replies and highlighting them

(Behzad Khanaliloo) #1

Dear community,

It happens that sometime I miss to reply to a topic or a post. Can you please let me know how you manage it such that all the posts are replied within a maximum of, say, two days?

Here is what I was thinking: If a post has no replies, moderators get a notification after two days. If the last reply is not posted by moderators, it will get highlighted (unless moderator modify it to un-highlighted/normal), and will get notified if they remain highlighted for two days. The problem at the moment is that if original poster has the last reply, his/her picture still will be shown as first, and normally confuses the moderator that he/she is not the last poster.

Please let me know of your thoughts or if you want me to clarify it more.

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

I found adding a button to filter this topics very useful:

See @cpradio customization.

(Behzad Khanaliloo) #3

Hi @Falco

Thank you for the help and also providing the link for your code. I guess the code solves the problem for topics with no answers but can we modify it to notify moderators for the posts where last user is not one of the moderators/team?