Number CPU cores incorrectly detected ( VPS)

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Setting up a new server at and found a bug in discourse-setup.

Found 8GB of memory and 1 physical CPU cores

This is incorrect, as the server has 6 cores.

cat /proc/cpuinfo | awk '/^processor/{print $3}'
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Are they physical or logical cores? What does the cpu cores value in /proc/cpuinfo say? We only count physical cores for the purposes of determining how many unicorns to use. If the autodetected setting is incorrect, you can edit the UNICORN_WORKERS setting in app.yml and rebuild.

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processor       : 0
vendor_id       : GenuineIntel
cpu family      : 6
model           : 63
model name      : Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2687W v3 @ 3.10GHz
stepping        : 2
microcode       : 0x1
cpu MHz         : 3099.996
cache size      : 25600 KB
physical id     : 0
siblings        : 1
core id         : 0
cpu cores       : 1


And yes, currently running with 8 unicors, as per Jeff’s suggestion:

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There you go. The system is reporting that it only has one physical core. As it’s a VPS, you’ll want to tell the provider to fix their virtualization to more accurately report the underlying physical CPU configuration, if there are, in fact, multiple physical cores allocated to your VPS.


Checking the CPU count from "cpu cores : " -line in /proc/cpuinfo is a wrong way to do it.

It reports just the amount of cpu-cores in one socket, therefore:

  1. it doesn’t take multiple sockets into account (can be detected from the ‘physical id’ -line)
  2. it doesn’t take multiple threads into account (can be detected from the ‘siblings’, if it differs from ‘cpu cores’)
    –> ok, someone might hate simultaneous multithreading (hyper-threading) and wants just “the real cores”

For example, a physical machine with four Intel Xeon E7-4820v4 -processors has the following configuration:
4 sockets, 10 cores per socket, 2 threads per core = 40 physical cores, 80 threads in total.
“cpu cores” -line in /proc/cpuinfo says 10, quite suboptimal detection…

CPU topology under virtualization could be presented in many different ways. 8 vCPUs could be anything from “1 socket, 1 CPU/socket, 8 threads/CPU” to “8 sockets, 1 CPU/socket, 1 thread/CPU” and the software should be able to detect all the different options - because usually you don’t get physical CPU:s pinned only for your VPS, they are all shared.

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Sounds true. I wrote that code and had little way to test it. It worked when I tested on Digital Ocean $10, $20, and $40/month droplets. I suspected that @ljpp was right and that the code was broken and was relieved that @mpalmer blamed upcloud.

From your post I mostly understand how it is that it doesn’t work, but I can’t tell from what you say how to write a test that does.

It is clear to me that you’ve likely forgotten more about CPU architecture than I care to know. Can you either submit a PR that has a more reliable test or post code or outputs from whatever it is that would provide a better test so that I could update it?

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As a certified SW functional testing engineer, I represent the eyes of the customer (or end-user, as this is OSS). Customer/end-user seems something not working as expected, but does not really care why. I also have very limited back-end or coding skillz :slight_smile: . So I do my best to report issues, occasionally propose improvements.


Quickly checking the installer, currently the test under linux is (line 138):

avail_cores=`cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "cpu cores" | uniq | awk '{print $4}'`

Easy solution (just all cores, logical and physical):

avail_cores=`grep -c "processor" /proc/cpuinfo`

Physical cores only (take number of cores per socket, multiply by number of sockets):

avail_cores=$((`awk '/cpu cores/ {print $4;exit}' /proc/cpuinfo`*`sort /proc/cpuinfo | uniq | grep -c "physical id"`))

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Hey guys, if you are about the improve this, there is a different kind of issue with ScaleWay (or any other Atom/Avoton based server) - the number of unicorns gets a too high value for non-hyperthreading CPUs.

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Hyperthreading is a non issue, the correct value is 2 unicorns per real, physical (not fake-logical-hyperthreaded) core.

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Alright. But this results 2 unicorns per Atom/Avoton based non-hyperthreading CPU core, which most likely is too much. ScaleWay uses these and I would not be surprised if these will gain more popularity, as they are energy and physical space efficient boxes.

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Unlikely, Intel wants to sell Xeons and has demoted low-margin Atoms to near-nonexistence. Atom performance is also quite poor overall, even factoring in per-watt. Unless you want to rack a tablet or smartphone, in which case you’d literally be better off racking the iPhone 7 which is insanely fast per watt.

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UpCloud submitted a PR and it looks like @mpalmer accepted.

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