Numbered/Bulleted List breaks undo/ctrl-z data

(Joseph Lormand) #1

Typing out a large post can take some time, so it’s always nice to have undo functionality in the background in the event an error is made. I ran across what I think is a bug when using numbered lists, where using the button to create one seems to greatly damage or sometimes completely discard all change history for purposes of undo. Upon a bit of tinkering it looks as though the bulleted lists have the same problem. In fact, this is my second time writing this post because I tested a bulleted list on it just to see and the process of trying to undo that and redo back to a partial salvageable version created such a mess I just started over. Looks like most of the buttons above the text box interact with undo in some strange way, but the lists seem to be the most severe.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

We plan to change the way the buttons in the editor work when we fully re-write the editor to use jQuery / Ember. We can possibly revisit this at that time.

But bear in mind the textbox is just a bog-standard HTML browser textbox, so it will have all the same undo/redo rules as a generic HTML browser textbox.

(Joseph Lormand) #4

Yea I didn’t figure it’d be anything of priority, but considering how amazing everything is on these forums I feel obligated to post about any problem I actually manage to find :wink:

Thanks for the reply.


I just ran into this problem too. I can see this pissing off many users! What the status of “re-write the editor to use jQuery / Ember”?

I ran into other unexpected results using Undo besides lists, too.