Oauth Login popup works but user never logged in

(Eddie One) #1

This only happens some of the time, on some browsers. For me it happened in Win 7, FF until I was given admin permission.

This user report explains what happens, “Login button for me doesn’t work. The ID Pop up shows, loads, and then
closes, which makes the original window refresh again, but when it does,
I’m not logged in.”

Wondering if anyone has experienced this? I didn’t see any relevant js errors in the console.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

For which login methods? Google? Facebook? Can you repro this on try.discourse.org?

(Eddie One) #3

It can be tested here forum.id.net but we are using idnet oauth2.

Our first guess was something to do with ssl but it’s not clear why it happens.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I suspect something with the implementation?