Odd display/formatting after updating

(Sian White) #1

Hi everyone,

We recently updated our version of discourse, and ever since the formatting of the homepage has gone a bit funny.

The banner to enable the user to create a new topic pops up automatically when the page loads, and the design/formatting is overlapping. It also pre-fills with a category description, which isn’t ideal.

Is this something that I can realistically fix (bearing in mind my non-existent dev knowledge), or will it be something for a developer?

Thank you

(Sam Saffron) #2

I would recommend a CSS developer.

Recently we streamlined some of our CSS to support simpler customization. What likely happened is that somehow the streamlining regressed your theme. On the upside, this kind of work is very rare (once a year at most) and vast majority of our customers did not experience any breakages during this change.

(Sian White) #3

That’s great, thanks very much for your advice!

(Daniela) #4

Just created an account on your site but I cannot repro this behaviour. Does it happen even if you try an anonymous window?

I cannot even reproduce this behaviour.
Try to clean cache and cookies in your browser first.

This is what I see when I log in and try to create a new topic:

The Create button on the left and the status icons on the right are a behavior you want?

(Sian White) #5

Ooo thank you for doing that, @Trash!

I’ve just tried clearing my cache etc and it hasn’t made a difference unfortunately, and incognito is the same. Which browser are you using? I’m getting it on Chrome and Safari.

I get the impression that users are also having the same issue; a new user created a topic last night and accidentally submitted the category description as in the screenshot above, before adding her own comment below:

(Daniela) #6

Firefox and Chrome on Windows but now I have the same problems you described in the OP.

In your stylesheet I see many strings repeated several times, so you have to give it a clean up, for example this one:

#reply-control.edit-title .contents .wmd-controls {
    max-width: 1170px;
    margin: 10px auto;
    padding: 0 15px;

ìs both on line 2319 and line 3564 (I can’t control all your stylesheet because it’s too long, but I have seen many repeated strings for other elements).

I don’t know why the composer opens randomly when you open the site, but probably the fault is of some installed plugins:
Can you share the list of them from your yml file?

(Sian White) #7

Thanks so much @Trash, that’s so helpful.

What you’ve found goes way above my head, but I’ll pass your feedback to our developers to take a look at and hopefully they can sort it.

Thanks again!