Odd "post notice" created (or edited) by user

Yesterday a post-notice written by a user appeared on our platform.

It shows the “d-icon-user-shield” icon with a message from the user asking for help because they don’t know what they did.

In turn, I have no idea how they did it or how to fix it…

Any suggestions?

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You’ll have to give more information.

Was the “post-notice” a Private Message or a post in a topic?

What is actually the problem?

  • A shield appearing with the username? or
  • What did the user actually do?

Sure, the post notice appeared in a public topic and my questions are:

  • how does a user create such notices
  • is it possible to delete them?

This is what can be seen:

It says “I think I pressed some wrong button, who could help?”
The user who wrote it is not the author of either the message above or under the notice.

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These notices can only be created by staff (Admin and Moderator) or category moderators.

To add, change or remove them go to the post action menu (where share, flag, edit, reply) buttons are and press the :wrench: icon.


So it was another staff member that actually did it?

I never even used that option but I was able to solve the problem, thank you!

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You can see who did this by going to your-site.org/admin/logs and typing into search ‘Add staff note’