Offer the ability to change a "normal" reply to "reply as new topic" reply on post edit screen?

(Dave Rutledge) #1

I’ll admit I’m not exactly sure how this would work, but:

I replied to someone in a thread and only later realized I was pretty off-topic and it’d make more sense to have replied as a new topic. Is it feasible to allow this on editing the original post (vs presumably deleting it and posting again as a new topic).

I assume this type of thing would be in heavy use by moderators striving to keep a conversation on topic while allowing for other discussions, but it’d be great to be able to self-police it.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

We don’t currently have the moderator ability to move posts from one topic to another, only the ability to move posts from one topic to a new topic.

If that fits, you can flag your post for moderator attention with a comment along those lines, e.g. “oops, can you move this to a new topic, along with these 3 replies to my post?”

You may have noticed that off-topic is one of the flag reasons that you can flag for as well, though a simple mod flag with comment should suffice and would make more sense for a self post.

(Dave Rutledge) #3

Perfect. But is there a thought this could be something someone could be trusted to do for their own posts? Possibly only if/until there were other replies, or maybe with a short time limit (since most of my thought is people realize immediately after posting that they really are starting a new topic).

Oddly, I didn’t see a flag icon on my post at first, though it’s there now. I’ll have to check more carefully next time.

(Anton) #4

If I can either post into the same topic or create a new topic - then it is logical to give me permission to convert my own answer into a new topic - at least withing some short period of time. The rights to do any of 2 actions I have, so it looks ok from my point of view.

It is not so much about moderation, but more about posting answers and creating new topics; and if we do not give people permission to do so, then:

  1. Not everyone will understand that “flagging for moderation” is for what they want to do; it is widely accepted that flagging for moderation is very likely about spam or unwanted content.

  2. This will just add some unneded work to moderation - that can be trusted to owner of the answer.

Hope makes sense.


@meglio - I think that makes more sense. If you can create a topic at any time I think you should also be able to create a linked new topic at any time. An idea… just have a place holder where the linked topic was started in the conversation flow, maybe showing the new topic, and people can decide to click through.

I personally think that is better than the Reddit style where it has 3 related conversations (or whatever the wording is) and not knowing where it fits in the conversation flow or what its about.