Official ad plugin isn't working with AdSense

hey uh I’m using the official ad plugin and Google keeps saying I didn’t put in the AdSense code

is the plugin just uselessly broken

Have you entered your Adsense configuration settings into Discourse? The steps are mentioned at Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse.

I did as it said too

my page looks like this

also i cant go there

It can sometimes take a couple days for Google to start serving ads… one other thing you can do is right click your page, open the inspector, and check the console for errors.

The plugin is currently working on some of our customers’ sites, so as far as we know there’s nothing wrong with it.


did you even look at this

Yes, but that doesn’t really tell me much. Is the status still the same today? Do you have any console errors on your site?

Some people have also found that they need to disable the content security policy site setting to get adsense working.

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I just did that also i cant go to this Official Advertising / Ad Plugin for Discourse to look at the other setup

it seems to work when it wants to

heres the console errors

So that’s a generic error that means adsense is blocking the request for some reason (but the request for an ad is being made)… it’s hard to determine why. This could be due to misconfiguration or because adsense has no relevant ads to serve (which can sometimes happen on new sites without much content).

I’d triple-check the configuration again. Have you added your ads.txt content, for example? I’m getting a 404 at

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well they still need to approve the site because yesterday they said they didn’t find the code

so they denied me again because they can’t find the code even though I’ve put it in the website using the official ad plugin it needs to be fixed

what am I supposed to do about this also happy cake day

I need a fix for this

Sorry but I don’t have any additional advice, if it’s configured according to the guide I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work and as far as I know there aren’t any reports of a similar problem on other sites.

is there a possible way you can kindly look into my site and see if there’s something else causing it?