Official Discourse Advertising Plugin feedback on options

Do any of you who have been using the options offered in the Official Discourse Advertising Plugin have any feedback on those options? Pros/cons? Most monetized? Which is best for local advertising? Which are the most visually pleasing/least obnoxious? Is it best to wait till you get a level of membership before initiating?

Google Adsense
Google Double-click for Publishers
Amazon Affiliates


The discourse-adplugin is very easy to set up. I use DFP to serve ads I sell directly and AdSense fills in the remaining inventory.

In AdSense you can set the appearance and types of ads you want to display. Additionally, you can block entire categories of ads or ad networks in the Allow & Block Ads tab.

Expanding ads, pop-ups, or overlays are annoying and I don’t allow them on my sites.


I hear you, @omarfilip . I don’t know why Facebook even allows those ads that drag you away from the site and offer you so-called Amazon prizes.

Are you comfortable sharing your website @omarfilip so I can check out how the ads look on your website?

Sure. The Discourse forum is behind the paywall, so I’ll PM you temporary credentials.

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