Official iOS app layout should be fixed

(Jo Huang) #1

I expected the layout should be the same as in safari, but this one seems not properly layout.

(Joffrey Jaffeux) #2


it’s not the iOS app, and you must have some kind of UserAgent weirdness or something like this.

This is the website, but it’s showing in Desktop mode instead of Mobile mode. You can try to append “?mobile_view=1” at the end of the URL to force mobile mode.

However I see you are in SafariViewController (opened from the native app) so you won’t be able to change URL. I’m not sure why mobile version is not showing for you.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Something is clearly interfering with the user-agent in his case.

(Stephen) #4

Are you using some kind of proxy or cache to access the internet?

(Jo Huang) #5

I did saw this in the official app (the screenshot).
Tapped the row in the screenshot.

I’m planing to embed discourse to my existing app. Would like to know how to integrate it for the best UX.

(Stephen) #6

This isn’t a Discourse issue - it’s a network communication issue. Something interfered with the user agent, which is why you saw the squished version of the desktop view.

This usually happens because either your browser provided the wrong user agent (unlikely in the case of the Discourse app) or because your browser isn’t the one which made the request. The latter is possible if a cache or proxy sits between you and the destination server.

Going to assume that there’s no aggressive caching in front of try, so can you elaborate on what might be between you and try from your end of the network?