Oh advertising, oh advertising where for art thou advertising

(To The Tick Llc) #1

I quite like the idea of a floating 300x250 ad

Whilst I know for the DC team ads are not the highest priority, for most forum owners I imagine having a means to at least cover their costs is important.

Is their any ETA for advertising integration into the platform?

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(Travis Lee) #2

+1 Me too. I’d also like to see these floating ads added.

(To The Tick Llc) #3

Whilst I’m sure this point has been labored by lots of people…are we any closer to have ad capabilities in DC as standard?

(Wally) #4

I would like to know that too. My forum, just like many others I would think, needs to support itself and ads are one pretty standard way to do so.

(Sam Saffron) #5

There is a plugin for this.

I am not sure if this is something we want in the core of the product or not. @codinghorror ?

(Michael Downey) #6

Couldn’t this be easily handled by using the custom HTML header/footer?

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Sort of, the issue is that the ads never change as Discourse never “reloads” the page.

(Jeff Widman) #9

For the longest time “pageviews” have been the metric that ad networks look at, but now that’s slowly starting to change to “viewability” (50% of the ad visible for 1 second). There was a recent Google research report showing that >50% ads are never viewed by humans.

This may mean more ad networks will eventually be okay with auto-refreshing ads even if the page never refreshes. DFP’s ad tags already support auto-refresh calls, but using that functionality violates most ad exchange TOS, including Adsense. Hopefully this is slowly changing–for example, right now OpenX lets publishers auto-refresh their ads, provided the page content has “changed significantly”. However, getting into the OpenX exchange requires the publisher deliver several million ad impressions per month, so this won’t work for most folks.

I own two forums with a combined ~6M posts, with hundreds of active users every day, and the biggest obstacle to migrating them to Discourse is the lack of effective monetization. For example, even if I auto-refresh ads using OpenX, there’s no convenient way to insert the DFP code into floating sidebar ad units, or into every Nth post. Yeah, we could write this ourselves, but it’s a lot simpler as an owner/admin to just use something like Xenforo.

Hopefully both the ad industry will shift paradigms and Discourse’s theming support will mature quickly… we’ll see.

(Jeff Atwood) #10

Floating ads are implemented in an interesting way on Wired:

As you scroll down, note that the ad panel on the right is “sticky” but shifts around.

Maybe we could use a similar idea to make the right column more interactive.


looking forward for optional ads implementation like this :smile: , just wondering can ads be implemented on the right side of the site ? coz its too plane although I notice sitepoint did convert it to full page and removed that white space.

in the adsense plugin I think that feature is not available for the right side to put ads :frowning:

(Sam Saffron) #12

Moving this out of “Feature”, advertising is not going to be a core feature.

That said, we have 2 existing advertising plugins + an additional officially endorsed one that can be tracked here:

You can keep track of the work in progress with the new advertising plugin here: