(Jonathan Feist) #1

Just wondered if it would be possible to update the gem 'omniauth-openid' to gem 'omniauth-openid', '1.0.1', git: '' to fetch the gem from Github.

The problem (which actually isn’t your bug) is that omniauth-steam, an openid-based omniauth strategy is broken due to the this strategy being left in the source of the default repository.

This can be fixed by loading the gem from the Github (and properly updated) repository instead.

(Sam Saffron) #2

We have a strong policy that we don’t source stuff from github.

That said I am fine to upgrade omniauth to latest stable once v1 is done. If you need to push on the gem authors to do a new release, please do so via issues.

(Jonathan Feist) #3

I’ve done so but they seem to be awfully unresponsive. Makes me a very sad panda.

(Sam Saffron) #4

In egregious cases we fork gems and push something up to RubyGems, but it needs to be real egregious.