On another topic in a secure category

I’m trying to understand the logic of me quoting from another topic.

A completely random example:

On my discourse instance, the topic title of the quoted post is not shown, but the words “On another topic” appear instead.

Is this a site setting I can change?

I don’t recall this occurring before my recent upgrade (to latest).

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Here’s what I see on my discourse:

But it actually appears to be random. Sometimes the topic title is included, other times it is not.

What’s the logic here, does this occur when quoting from topics in categories that are locked down?

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I think I’ve answered my own question :blush:

Curious as to the thoughts behind this logic at the point of designing though, if anyone can shed any light?

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Pretty obvious isn’t it? You are leaking content from a topic in a secure category into a topic that is in a category with no security. Not sure what needs explaining here exactly…

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Nice. I was only asking…

I could quote the entire body of the post though, at which point the topic title is probably largely irrelevant.

Well yes, this is a “doctor, it hurts when I do this” kind of scenario. So don’t do that :wink:

The topic title is a hint that the pain is beginning.

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