One server and 2x discourse forum?

(Tumi) #1

Hello. I was bouth vps server. I want to install two websites using discourse. I dont want to create it with multiple installation.

Should i install first forum like in tutorial , then as same way second forum ? Then i will got 2 docker containers or it is not so simple ?

(Matt Palmer) #2

Yes, you can run two Discourse forums in separate containers on the one machine. The discourse-setup script isn’t designed to handle that case, though; you’ll be best off copying the containers/app.yml it creates to a second file in containers, and editing it to suit the second site. Then run ./launcher bootstrap <newname>; ./launcher start <newname> and you should be up and running.

(Jay Pfaffman) #3

But @tumi will need to put them on separate ports and run an external web server to reverse proxy.

(Michael Friedrich) #4

I’m running a similar setup where different web applications require proxying on 80/443. You really need an Apache/Nginx proxy in front there. Discourse offers you to use the socket template instead of exposing the ports by default inside app.yml.

I’ve found this guide really useful, and adopted it for my needs.

My setup is described in this post.

(Felix Freiberger) #5

Also, if you’re willing to do a more complicated setup to get resource savings (especially RAM usage which doubles if you just have two containers), you can use a multisite setup instead:

(Tumi) #6

thanks, can u tell me how to do it step by step ?

And another question. There is any way to create this several forums in one server with “another” ip / dns or somethink like that? What can i do exluding buying new IP (it it cost so much) if I want hide a source of this site vs google for better seo optimization) and vs not-friendly spammers/scammers itp . If u know what i mean.

(Jay Pfaffman) #7

The step by step guides are linked above.

Digital ocean now has a 1gb droplet for $5/month. It’s much, much easier to run separate servers.