Onebox doesn’t work for some Yahoo news links

(Adrianbblk) #1


I saw that Onebox doesn’t work for some links like is there a reason why?

(Robert McIntosh) #2

I’m not entirely sure why these are not working.

Not all sites provide the necessary information in a standard format for oneboxes to work, but testing a Yahoo News link on does appear to show that they maybe ought to work.

I suspect there is something happening with those pages that is blocking this from working properly and related to showing you even more advertising!

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Check specific links with and see what you see.

(Robert McIntosh) #4

I was doing that:

Watters: Ocasio-Cortez’ Economic Plan Like Raising ‘$500 to Buy a BMW’’.html

I thought it was maybe the use of ' in the URL but this link doesn’t work either

(Jeff Atwood) #5

OP might literally be referring to the URL but even that works:

As for the news article links, I agree it does look like the Open Graph tags are correct in iframely debug. For the Orca one it checks out except the og:description is artificially short at

A grieving orca whale has been carrying her dead newborn calf for days in a

So that might be breaking it as we don’t feel we have enough description?