Onebox fails on Youtube playlist URLs

(Evaryont 🎆) #1

Try putting a http in front of that URL will cause a 500 Internal Server Error when trying to create a topic.

(Anthony Giovannetti) #2

Repro for the user page as well. If I try to post this URL below for a onebox on it’s own line it fails. Posting the link in a line with other text so that onebox behavior is not triggered does not cause any errors to trigger. Occurs here in meta and on my forum. stimhack - YouTube

(Jeff Atwood) #3

@eviltrout can we support youtube playlist URLs? Or at least not get a 500 error.

(Robin Ward) #4

Fixed in latest. I went the easy route which is to stop throwing errors as it’s not simple to onebox playlists.

(Jeff Atwood) #5