OneBox not showing up because we didn't have a populated description field

We are trying to add support for OneBox on some of our domains ( or falling duck - Microsoft MakeCode ) to our hosted discourse forum. Both pages are oEmbed/open graph ready (tested in iFramely ).

When I copy the link in the editor, I see the spinner and the call to the /onebox?.. web api which returns 404.

  • we tried to configure the onebox whitelisting but it did not fix the issue.
  • Is there a way to validate a page?


Is there a way to nudge an issue?

Discourse needs an open graph description before it can create a onebox. Looking at the source of, the og description is set to
<meta property="og:description" content="">

I think you’ll be able to embed those pages as iframes if you add to the allowed iframes Site Setting. You’ll then need to grab the iframe for the page and add it with something like:

<iframe  src="" width="600" height="400" ></iframe>

Why didn’t you add a description? I’m curious why you felt this field could be left blank?

The description tag is present and empty. Why should a description be mandatory?

Although we provide an option for a description, our users never fill it up. It’s hard enough to have them name their games. We could have added a placeholder description but we never got around this.

A description fixed it. Thanks for the help.


How can we create a summary of something that has no description? :thinking:

The metadata has a picture and a title which seemed adequate.

Two cents / FWIW — I recall running into this a while back with WordPress, theme didn’t add ‘description’ tag by default so oneboxing wasn’t working. We added it and all working great now. But as a graceful fallback for cases where there’s title + image but no description set, could be worth still oneboxing w/ the info available as it might still be better than nothing.