Onebox not working for some links

Hey guys,
Its seems like their is a bug in onebox. See the below links, the first one works fine, but the second one doesn’t. Any guess ??

The second has no Open Graph entries

If I remember correctly, a link need at least an og site name, og url, og title and og description to onebox


This problem happens to my oneboxes even if it has Open Graph entries,(I checked the source code) I wonder what it could be

Can you share a link that isn’t creating a onebox for you?

Hi Simon thanks here’s an example below,

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It seems to be missing a description og tag

I see <meta property="og:title" content="Afro Glory" />, but I don’t see one for <meta property="og:description" content="Description here" />

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Hi @cpradio thanks for getting back to me, I would have thought then that it would at least import the image and title, so if it is missing at least 1 opengraph meta tag then it will ignore it do you think?

I seem to come across a lot of websites like this… the strange thing is facebook can still pic up the full information

I can’t speak to Facebook without an example, but from a quick glance it doesn’t seem to use a dedicated onebox engine, so that makes me think it is dependent on the og tags too

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