Onebox reverting to textual links in post

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This one is possibly a bit unusual…

I am in the processing of creating a fairly lengthy post which includes links to images / videos / sketchfab from a variety of posts during 2016. I am pasting in the URLs from the actual images already posted rather than adding them all over again.

Unfortunately, a few minutes ago, the tab within Chrome became unresponsive. I am not certain whether I have hit a limit for the size of a post, perhaps a limit on the size that can be saved asynchronously? (saved as text file the content is 16kb which just seems a tad coincidental).

Anyway… whilst I still have the content if I open a new browser window / tab for the post, all of the links (and there are a LOT of them) have changed back in the preview window from being the relevant images / videos / sketchfab oneboxes, to just text for the links.

One of the team here previously mentioned to me that sometimes the content gets cached and by adding ?v=1 etc to the end of the URL it will force it to load it correctly - I have tried this on a couple of the links and it made no difference. I am now somewhat stuck.

The post is not yet finished and will be significantly longer by the time it is, but the re-working of all of these links, assuming I can re-work them, is going to be painful (especially if whatever caused the issue happens again).

Any ideas / thoughts?

No new entries to this post using URLs Onebox the images / video / sketchfab item in the preview either.

I’ve just noticed that, having been creating this post for over 4 hours, it’s quite possible that it has coincided with your release of 1.7. That said, as a hosted customer, I believe we were already on that version, but having just viewed source I see we are now on 1.8… not sure when this changed, but… is there any chance that my post has been effected because of this item from the listed of 1.8 features?

Implement mini-onebox for internal links (replace with title)

I am currently stuck not knowing whether to keep writing the post, knowing that I may need to go back and do something with all the links, or, if I have killed it because of the length of the post, stop writing the post. :confused:


If it’s a cache issue, you can publish it and use the icon then the wrench icon to do a Rebuild HTML

A less pretty technique would be to change https by http in the composer for each link and wait for a “re-caching” of the content

(Rob Meade) #3

Hi @Steven, thanks for the reply and info.

I had tried the https to http and it sadly didn’t do anything.

However, after a fair bit more testing I ended up pasting the entire content in and hit “reply” on a test post… as it posted one by one each of the links then got updated to the relevant onebox content…

So… it’s left me wondering whether there is perhaps a limit on the number of links that you can add to a post which will be onebox’d in the preview window when composing a post, after which point they all change to links (perhaps to keep things moving quickly in the browser?)…

If so, this may have been all it was / is - but without knowing that for certain it seemed like a problem.

Of course, if it is by design, after the limit has been hit, I can no longer be certain that the links I’m pasting in are going to return/display the content as desired… so still a bit unsure…

Handy to know about the rebuild html option by the way, I had wondered what that did!

(Jeff Atwood) #4

How many links did you have in the post?

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Hi Jeff,

Just counted, point I remember before the tab froze and became unresponsive…

95… might have been a couple more…

(Jeff Atwood) #6

@zogstrip will have to advise, as there is some DDoS protection in there.

(Rob Meade) #7

Ah right… ok…

I couldnt get the onebox functionality back in the preview, but when I posted they all got turned into the correct images / videos / sketchfab embeds… there’s probably about 4 times as many in that post now too…

So it working at the end, just wasnt aware of anything that would interuot the onebox view in preview…

Was trying to collate peoples creativity for 2016 into one post…

(Régis Hanol) #8

I extracted the 44 links to and pasted them in the composer and the oneboxes showed up one after the other (as expected).

I would not recommend having that much oneboxes in one post though…
When I load the topic, my browser freezes for several seconds and the console shows

17x WARNING: Too many active WebGL contexts. Oldest context will be lost.

I would split my post in order to benefit from the cloaking to unload posts that are offscreen.

(Rob Meade) #9

Thanks for looking at this Regis, I aporeciate the time you have spent on it.

Its a real shame as I had really wanted to create a collection of the work in just the one post. In a years time there will be considerably more and I had noticed a bit of lag when I was viewing the weekly collection post I created (which had the most content ). I guess I will have to have a rethink for next year.

Thanks again for your help.

Kind regards


(Régis Hanol) #10

Even if you only embed images, at some point your browser will freeze to process all of them. Having videos or, in your case, 3D embeds, is making the browser do a lot more work.

I’m afraid cloaking is your best solution here.