Onebox: Whitelisting Doesn't Seem to Work

(Mendel) #1

Title pretty much sums it up: After whitelisting, oneboxing still doesn’t grab the opengraph data.

Sample url:

On iframely:

Any ideas?

(Robin Ward) #2

I looked at it, and it seems that nytimes requires cookies, and since onebox does not accept them it just ends up redirecting back in circles and never returns the article.

(Matt McNeil) #3

Any possibility of creating an option to allow the oneboxer to temporarily accept cookies? The NY Times seems like it’s making an effort to offer useful meta-data so it’s unfortunate that we can’t make use of it.

(Bcguy) #4

This is important - NY Times articles are probably one of the most shared articles you will find, after Wikipedia.

(lid) #5

I have pushed a fix that add support for cookies for generic onebox.

so nytimes articles should work when this get merged

unfortunately with local testing I discovered an issue with encoding for the article provided in this conversation.

we will burn this bridge when we get there. :fire:

Edit: Works now.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Really nice work. Thank you for this improvement @lid!

(Jeff Atwood) #7