Only 21 "likes" allowed in 24 hours?

(Peter Stoinov) #21

As @BhaelOchon said there are different sites with different needs. One forum could have small daily activity in the order of tens of post. On such site you could easily like all the content with high default. On other high traffic post you might need more than thousand likes to function satisfactorily.
Also there is the time based spikes. On a new forum, like this for instance there will be spike in the activity at first with everybody posting at once. After a while things will settle down to a more normal pace. Or maybe get even crazier!
Or in a forums dedicated to seasonal events it could fluctuate constantly between two or more stable values.

So what I think could be useful is to implement percentage system based on arbitrary timeframe. Like

you have {value}% likes from the total amount of posts in the last {time interval}

This way you will pretty much specify the scarcity of the likes on the fly.
You could also implement different logic for different categories/tags.

(ohho) #22

Oh, limited resources. I better not like your post. LOL

(Marco Rucci) #23

or worse, it will push people into writing short and noisy “thanks”, “me too!” posts (the reason why protected questions exist on stackexchange websites). I am not advocating for unlimited likes, just pointing out this probable correlation.

(Sam Saffron) #24

30 likes in one day is A LOT of work …

(AstonJ) #25

[quote=“sam, post:9, topic:798”]max_likes_per_day is a site setting and is at 20 per day at the moment. I think we could push the default up a bit, but it is @codinghorror3’s call, he owns the defaults. If its allowing you to like 21 things, we have a bug.

If we allowed people unlimited likes, likes lose their meaning and are totally open to abuse. We rate limit all things. We are also going to rate limit this by user, so you can’t like 20 of a single users posts in a single day.[/quote]

I’m not sure about limits on likes tbh.

vB has a rep system that is based on limits, and users can find it quite annoying - the ‘you have reached your limit’ puts people off using it tbh.

How about more value is placed on the first X number of likes per day, then the others drop to a lower limit? (Assuming likes are tied in to some sort of reward system.)

(Peter Stoinov) #26

Such logic requires reward system which does not seem like a logical addition in the core. Maybe plugin though.
The only reasonable variable that can be used for calculations that I see at the moment is the new posts for a given period. And I expressed my opinion how it can be implemented in a calculation :smile:

(Sam Parkinson) #27

Perhaps instead of using “like”, which is clearly being compared to +1 and the Facebook like, changing the action to “star” would be more clear about what the action is. Just a though though.

(Stephen Duncan Jr) #28

This ^^. While trying to introduce artificial scarcity to increase the value of the action can be a good idea, in the context of forums, having likes is a good alternative to very noisy “+1” posts. I don’t think discouraging “likes” is a good idea.

I understand it’s open-source, and so we’ll be able to change the value for sites we run, which is fine. But even better would be to rethink what you actually want to limit here. Rate-limiting to prevent spam would just limit likes per minute, rather than likes per day, for instance. I would find that option more valuable, I think.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #29

No, you’re right. I should’ve looked there before putting fingers to keyboard.

(Ben Doerr) #30

Here is the source:

Onebox: rewrite Github links to specific commit?
(Bill Ayakatubby) #31

I like (edit: haha, pun) the concept, but favorites are already represented by stars.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #32

Thank you, @craftsman.

(Timothy Kim) #33

Liking something and marking it with star/bookmark is a two totally different act. I might dislike a post but it might be valuable to me so I should be able to bookmark it. So separate functionality sounds good to me.

(Bill Ayakatubby) #34

I understand that liking and bookmarking are different. My reply was only intended to point out that the “favorite” functionality is already represented by the star icon, in response to @samp’s suggestion to rename “like” to “star.”

(Bill Ayakatubby) #35

As a follow-up, some additional confusion is introduced by the fact that I’m still presented with the option to like something, even though I’ve run out of likes:

(Also, paste-to-insert images ROCK! Now just get them to work in Ffx…)

(Doug Moore) #36

Disabling the functionality with an explanation on hover could be a decent compromise.

(Stephencarr) #37

Have a like from me, help to replenish.

(Jeff Atwood) #38

This was bumped up to 30 as a default.

(Jackdoh) #39

How about a fractional like/vote system. Where each day, the like value is divided by the number of likes you have given that day. The more you give likes, the less each one counts toward the total.
That way it prevents abuse, don’t make people hit a hard limit, and encourage people to value their likes. Is this technically hard to implement?


Doesn’t seem intuitive enough. How would you represent that to the user? How do they know the value of their likes is decreasing?