Oops page category after update Discourse newest

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Later i upgrade version newest Discourse,
i can’t visit any page category in Matbangchinhchu dot com dot vn
only visit topic page
i delete all plguin and rebuild but not solve it.
Anyone have solution for me :frowning: ?

we can create topic normal(select category to post) but can’t select menu category and visit it

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The first-level categories work for you (/c/cần-thuê-mặt-bằng), but there’s a list of topics. Do you have a category where english (slug)? I would try to create a Category and subcategory in English (for the test) and see if there would be access.

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I change slug generation method from none to ascii to encoded…

  • None: show all category page but only ( /c/cần-thuê-mặt-bằng) have error Oops! That page
  • Ascii and encoded: have Oop page all category
    Oke, i can messeger to you and sent to you password

English (slug) as I understand it works well. No, I don’t need access.
Can be someone tell pollsters.


I access by way change to /c/catogoryID-category and page activity and set slug method to none (not ascii and endcoded)
Now, i wanna comback endcoded because my language is vietnames, How can i solve this error?
Thank you Discourse!

Have you tried safe mode?