OpenId, gravatar, & scroll-tip on home page

(Benjol) #1

First up: this is cool, I’ve been really curious to know what you were getting up to.

A few questions/suggestions:

  • No OpenId support? For now, or ever?
  • SE recently set us ‘free’ from Gravatar - any chance of that happening here (I know, philosophically this sounds like a direct contradiction with asking for OpenId support, but hey…)
  • I don’t mind the ‘magic scroll’, but on the home page it’s disconcerting, because you don’t have the x of y info that you do on a topic page. I hate scrolling to infinity and beyond…

(Jeff Atwood) #2

I think it was more complicated because we have to validate the emails manually, unless we only support a whitelisted set of providers that validate emails. It’s on the list.

Also on the list. If you want a local file avatar you should be able to get one.

(Benjol) #3

Hehe, now where’s the accept button? :slight_smile:

(guitarzan) #4

Where did you get that great comic strip?

(Jeff Atwood) #5

Note that you can set custom avatars now.