OpenID2 for Google accounts is going away

(Moshe Katz) #1

When I logged in to Discourse using my Google account, I saw the following message from Google:

Important notice: OpenID2 for Google accounts is going away on April 20, 2015.

It links to this page: OpenID 2.0 for Google Accounts has gone away - Google Account Help

What does discourse plan to do about this change to allow continued login with Google?

(Dave McClure) #2

(Moshe Katz) #3

That explains how to use the new one… but the meta site itself is still using the old one!

(Dave McClure) #4

Ah, didn’t know you were talking about this site.

Strange, I don’t get any such message when I log in here with using my Google account.

(Moshe Katz) #5

It shows up at the top of the “User Consent Screen”:

(This is Google’s sample image of the screen. The message shows up as a yellow bar across the top.)

You are occasionally required to reconfirm that you give permission to the site to access your profile, so you will only see the warning if you see the reconfirmation screen. Note that, as part of the deprecation, Google will slowly stop remembering previous confirmations and start showing this screen much more often, explicitly for the purpose of publicizing this warning message,

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Well, we have until April 2015. As already pointed out, there is a built in alternative and a corresponding warning is also shown in the Discourse dashboard. So we’re aware of it and the fix is already in place.

As far as actually configuring this site, meta, we’ll get to it sometime next year.

(Moshe Katz) #7

Actually, if you want to keep the use experience smooth, you have until January 12, 2015 when they start ramping up making users re-consent every time.

That is, unless you either switch now or add the &openid_shutdown_ack=2015-04-20 parameter.

(Jeff Atwood) #8