Opening external link in new tab will not update the statistic counter

(Eric Vantillard) #1
  • Enable the global options for default external links in new tab and for track external right clicks on my discourse instance (v1.3.0.beta11 +51).
  • Enable “opening external link in new tab” in my user profile.
  • Logout
  • Login

It will open external link in a new tab has expected but the counter is not incremented (both on left clik and right click).

should I do extra steps to make it work ?


I see the same problem here on Meta. Opening a link with “Open Link in New Tab” does not increment the link click counter as expected.

(Khan Ming Boo) #3

Same here. I am using latest version of Google Chrome. When I try to right-click a hyperlink and select “Open link in new tab”, the counter does not increment after reloading the page. But when I left-click the hyperlink straight away, the counter does increment after reloading the page.