Opera Mini login problems

(Nate Mamman) #1

I tried logging into meta.discourse last night using Opera mini and I had a couple of problems. First of all, trying to log in with Google gave a 403 error. When I then tried to use my username/email, it said I was using wrong credentials. The thing is, I tried to input those same credentials on Chrome Mobile and on my laptop and I was signed it.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

We only support the default browsers on iOS and Android (Safari and Chrome). Opera mini is not tested, and we cannot guarantee support. See our website for details.

(Nate Mamman) #3

Thanks. It turns out that at least one other site has the Google OAuth issue.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Opera Mini is gonna be kind of disastrous on a full blown JavaScript app like Discourse…

Frankly reading that, I’d be amazed if Discourse works at all in Opera Mini.

(Nate Mamman) #5

I usually don’t expect full functionality when I’m using opera mini. It doesn’t display some sites (eg BuzzFeed) at all. On others (well so far I’ve only noticed this on sport-english.com) it displays only a 1/4 of the pages’ width.

Opera Mini is more or less my default browser on mobile, mostly because it is usually faster and has saves data, but because of that I never expect full functionality from it. I only raised the issue because oauth usually works when I’m using it.

Thanks for the article.
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(Bhanu Sharma) #6

I’ve tested and found the Following Browsers on Android that work Absolutely Fine:

Chrome (and most of Chrome/Web View Based Browsers e.g. Gello, Jelly, Pyrope)
Samsung Internet (Beta)

Apart from these three, almost every other Browser has some or the other issue.