Optimising Topics stats and share buttons

(Surabhi Dewra) #1

Below a topic, the related stats takes too much space/unnecessary focus. It becomes and effort to shift from a topic to replies. Hope this could be optimise.

Same goes with share & bookmark buttons. They look so primitive.

(Régis Hanol) #2

What are you suggesting instead?

(Surabhi Dewra) #3

Looping in @lovechopra1 he has some mockups and ideas for the same

(Surabhi Dewra) #4

For sharing , bookmarks, invite, toolbox - instead of rectangular grey buttons on the bottom - I think a scroller on the left side of the page in vertical position will be better utilisation of space and these actions.

(Surabhi Dewra) #5

Details below a topic can be made more subtle like - growthhacker theme: use of colours and small icons are sharing across the details at the same time readibility is maintained.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

Feel free to make those changes in your Discourse CSS.