Optimized image not generated for new uploaded images


Has anyone come across a situation where

  • larger images are uploaded into a post
  • and the post is not ‘parsed’ by the software like it normally is after the reply/ post button is clicked, to generate the optimized images?

It seems the optimized image-generation has stopped entirely for me. I just updated to the v1.9.0.beta10 +17 this Saturday. The images are hosted on S3. Rebaking the individual post within the GUI doesn’t generate the optimized images. Rebooting the server doen’t help the situation.

Clues, anyone?

I’ve rebaked all the posts last Friday, and updated the OS to 16.04 on Saturday, though I don’t think those are relevant data points.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Can you repro this here?


Let’s see.


No problem here. I was and still going to rebuild without a new plugin to see if it changes things. I will report back.

Sidekiq seems to be working fine. No error in log.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Maybe, maybe it has a giant backlog, I would look at /sidekiq


Looks like the gallery plugin and optimized image generation has some trouble with each other.

Thanks all.