Option to allow badges for a particular category

If I do not allow badges to be awarded in a particular category if a member does their first link on a topic in that category will they still get a badge for doing their first link?

If I allow badges to be awarded in a particular category if a member has already done their first link in a different category do they get an additional award for their first link in the second category I permitted badges to be awarded in?

[I ask this because I have been creating links all over the website and after permitting badges in a category got a first link badge again.]

I created a badge for getting into the lounge and achieving a level 3 trust status as we have extra rewards that occur at that stage and it’s a target accomplishment in the forum. Do I need to allow badges to be awarded in that category for the custom badge to be awarded?

Is the optimal handling of this setting in each category to permit badges to be awarded in all categories?

Why would you choose to not permit badges in a category?

Thanks in advance.


No, unless the badge can be assigned multiple times (in this case the first link can only be assigned once).
The fact that you got two first links seems like a bug to me. I’ll take a look soon.

Allow badges to be awarded in this category is enabled by default on all categories, so yes, it must stay enabled.

The normal behavior is to assign badges in all the categories, but also to give the staff the possibility to exclude some categories.
There are forums, however, that do not want to assign badges on all categories but only on one or two, blocking all the others.
Generally it is an option that is used in particular cases, so there is the possibility of using it but it is not necessarily said that you have to do it.


Thanks, @Dax. You are the best.

I went through and made sure all categories allowed badges, which they already did. I think one time I turned it off and on in one category over a period of 24 hours.

As you might have guessed from my activity level in the forum I am playing with settings daily getting the forum to where I want it to be (for an upcoming launch). I turned settings on/off in different categories and in admin settings at different times and also deleted posts that were liked etc in part exploring functions and in part not knowing what I was doing.

Here is what comes up in my profile drop down menu (click on it to expand the image):

I earned my first link yesterday which cracked me up as I’ve done tonnes of them:

Now when I click on prior earned first link badges I get this:

I’ve gotten firsts for other badges that also don’t make sense since I earned them previously and the same ‘Oops! Page doesn’t exist’ comes up when clicking on duplicate/prior badges.