Optional blog-like “homepage” for the forum

(Anton) #1

I would like to use discourse for gaming community. We also need some page for recent news which will link to discussion in discource. It seems quite a waste to setup wordpress blog only for this purpose. Why not give some simplified blog functionality in discource.

(Sander Datema) #2

I think that would be a perfect idea… for a plugin. :slight_smile:

(sparr) #3

Some topics (pinned?) show a preview of their contents in the post list. Could you use that functionality and put all your blog posts into a category, and make that category your front page?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Good idea and pinned posts in a category won’t stick to the top of the homepage either, which is ideal in this case.

(Dave Jensen) #5

I really like this idea. Sure a blog is a blog but they usually only have a handful of authors. Imagine being able to have hundreds of possible authors?

Somebody writes an awesome post, a moderator hits a “promote” (or something) button and it shows up with a pretty preview on the home page and in an RSS feed. A perfect use case is http://axisandallies.org because people are posting awesome strategies, pictures of painted pieces, essays, and rumors. Right now, I have to manually copy and paste that to the “home page,” which is Wordpress. It’s as waste of time, I just want to “promote” it and be done. :sunny: :smiley:

(Sam Saffron) #6

Personally I really like this idea, but it does feel like plugin territory.

(Jacob) #7

I’m using Discourse for a gaming community as well and would love a feature to have a simple front page with recent news.

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #8

Basically a lightweight version of the classic “Forum Portal” plugin, right? First example that came to mind:

(Dave Jensen) #9

That’s fine. Can this be an official Discourse team developed plugin? :wink:

(Dave Jensen) #10

No, was thinking more like a magazine-ish layout like on Axis & Allies .org

(Randall Koutnik) #11

Heh, I was looking into the same thing. Guess great minds think alike. I’m new to Ruby though (Nodeist myself). It seems like the best solution would be to give admins power over customizing the homepage a la themes, etc.

(Clever Moniker) #12

Does anyone know if there has there been any development on this? Or something similar??

(Jeff Atwood) #13

It would help if people linked to examples or even better posted screenshots of mockups or examples of what they think would work.

(Clever Moniker) #14

A recent example I have seen, has been IP. Board’s feature called IP. Blog.

I was apart of a forum which has this. Basically it allowed for user based blog posts. It then had a slider bar on it’s homepage which would show an image from the blog post and hyperlink it.

If I find an image to explain, I’ll screenshot it for ya.

Outside of a blog feature though, the hyperlink-able image slider is something I really am interested in. As I have mentioned in the past, mainly due to the fact Discourse is very text “heavy”. Not that I am complaining, I seriously love the software. :smile:

(probus) #15

I really like this idea! Here’s what I would like:

  1. Add a button to posts to give them labels, visible for users above certain trust level
  2. Show a newspaper-like layout with posts, not topic titles
  3. Show n number of most recently labeled posts arranged by label
  4. Have direct links form the ‘articles’ to the posts in the forum to continue reading

A quick mockup of said home page:

Having labels allows for different kinds of posts to be replaced with different intervals, for example a welcome post that doesn’t get pushed down by other kinds of posts. Labels also make it easier to style the home page, since the posts don’t have titles. Grouping by category instead of labels would be the easier but less flexible option. In this example news posts or funny links posts could have been posted in a number of different categories.

(Konrad Borowski) #17

In the board system I once developed (AcmlmBoard XD, if you have to ask), there was a special blog page. While I admit most of it was awful (but still better than phpBB), I believe that special blog page was one of the better things. The page is split into two parts, one containing news, and second introduction into community, and latest posts (but I think that threads could have been better, well, it’s not that I designed this).

It looked like this.

I imagine it could be improved a lot, but I like the layout itself.

(probus) #18

Perhaps it would be a better approach to create a plugin to share/export selected posts to Jekyll or some other static site generator? Pairing Discourse with Jekyll would allow for customizing of the page(s) how ever people want and also create the desired static pages etc. that are often requested. Or would that make the setup too complicated for the smaller forums?

(David García-Navas) #19

One question that i think it’s related to this topic:

Could we add a left-side column or a (right-side) with the customize tab?
(like the option available now in Customize-Tab with header and footer)

Would be this hard to implement?

(Kane York) #20

I think it might be a good idea to come up with some kind of template that people can just paste into the “Top of the pages” and accompanying CSS to have a header, then fill it with whatever they want. A standard template would definitely make it easier for a lot of people.

(Jeff Atwood) #21

Top and bottom are basically already there. Anything on the left would force a minimum width of > 1280px which would be prohibitively large for most folks, and make the site text very small on iPad and the like.