Optional blog-like “homepage” for the forum

(probus) #18

Perhaps it would be a better approach to create a plugin to share/export selected posts to Jekyll or some other static site generator? Pairing Discourse with Jekyll would allow for customizing of the page(s) how ever people want and also create the desired static pages etc. that are often requested. Or would that make the setup too complicated for the smaller forums?

(David García-Navas) #19

One question that i think it’s related to this topic:

Could we add a left-side column or a (right-side) with the customize tab?
(like the option available now in Customize-Tab with header and footer)

Would be this hard to implement?

(Kane York) #20

I think it might be a good idea to come up with some kind of template that people can just paste into the “Top of the pages” and accompanying CSS to have a header, then fill it with whatever they want. A standard template would definitely make it easier for a lot of people.

(Jeff Atwood) #21

Top and bottom are basically already there. Anything on the left would force a minimum width of > 1280px which would be prohibitively large for most folks, and make the site text very small on iPad and the like.

(Martis Genus) #22

Is anyone still working on such a plugin?
I don’t think something like that should be part of the main script. But it would be great if you could create a custom page (even if it is just static) and make it the homepage without a plugin.

(Steven) #23

This is what a category looks like when it has a pinned topic in it.

  • The page shows as a table and includes columns like User, Posts, Views, Activity
  • Only a small snippet of the post is shown in the category instead of the full post.

This is more what I am looking for in a Blog style category page.

  • Most recent topic at the top of the page
  • The full body of the topic is shown
  • Replies/comments to this topic are hidden until they click “reply” or the topic title and are lead to the normal topic page.
  • Older topics are shown below the most recent topic.
  • Older topics also show the full content of the topic.
  • As the user scrolls on this page older topics will populate the page, same functionality that currently exists in other categories.

I would settle for the ability to set the “Preview” length of words on a pinned topic in a category page. I should be able to remove the “Table” elements with CSS.


This feature would be really awsome !

Here are some additional thoughts:

  • place a check box in the categorie settings labled as "Present this category as “blog-like homepage”. If checked all Topics inside this categorie will be presented like @funvill discribed it in the previous post.
  • As user scrolls on this page the discourse header will always update to the recent visible topic infos (headline and categorie).
  • concerning the idea of @djensen47 to be able to “promote” existing topics.
  • Moderators can consider to promote arbitrary topics on a “blog-style” categorie. If promoted they appear in this categorie as a reference without being posted inside that categorie.
  • promotion by users at a certain trust level could also be very interesting. they get the posibillity to mark topics (or even posts) as “promotable”. After reaching a threashold all these promoted topics appear in such a blog-like homepage.

The whole system will not only be usefull for blog-like “hompages” - it appears to me like a kind of hall of fame functionallity. I would be very pleased if it will be implemented in discourse itself or as a plugin. :smiley:


Here is a mockup:

Looking for advice on how to create a different homepage
(Daniel M ) #26

What if this was integrated as part of content quality levels, and the “curated tab” was the blog?

(Tom Newsom) #27

I think they’re distinct features. A high-quality Topic might have a one-liner OP and would look out of place in a blog-like presentation.

I like @funvill’s mockup. Seems like a simple thing to implement in a plugin (from my naive POV)


I also want this feature in the future since I am now in the stage of removing my WordPress site and using discourse as my primary platform , having a blog-like homepage is a great feature :smile:

A magazine look is a great choice for this , my site look like this on blog site maybe similar look?


I concur that blog-like functionality would be very useful to our community as well, whether it be in the form of a plugin or built into Discourse. I do not see why this could not or should not be an optional part of any Discourse install, so long as it’s an optional “yes I want to use this feature” kind of thing. Something that limits visibility and does not take up space until the user wants it to.

(Nukeador) #30

I really like this idea as part of a custom tab you can set as default homepage.

My idea is to have a special category called “Articles” where only people inside a special group (“editors”) can create new topics.

Right now we can have something like that using the API and creating a custom page that fetch the content, but having this option also as a discourse feature (via plugin if needed) would be awesome to avoid people installing another CMS to handle a list of articles.


Well, what I have found is that your members may often get to the news first and make a thread in the forums.

My point is, possibly going to Discourse means that I am willing to give up the front page for all of the other efficiencies.

(Nukeador) #32

I’ve created a simple html page that fetchs discourse api using just js as an example on how to create a frontpage listing topics from a category as a blog. Live example

Edit: I’ve also incorporated an example to be able to use the library in other sites and play with it, all the instruction on the github project page.

(Nukeador) #33

Related topic:


Its a good feature to have , i am looking for such a solution . Topic should be grid or masonry style . Users,views and activity columns hidden

(Shaun D. McMillan) #35

I also hope something like this can be developed. Has anyone else done any experimentation? Is there anything resembling this in the plugins yet? Looks like we’ve been discussing for a couple years…

(Pad Pors) #36

this recent discussion may help:

as mentioned there, a couple of plugins can help:


any update on this? i was about to make a post about this but then i realized someone already did, i do think its a good idea