Order of pinned topics and deleting pin messages

(Justin Gordon) #1

Woo hoo! got talksurf.com up and running. A couple questions:

  1. Any way that I can change the order of my 2 globally pinned topics?
  2. How can I prevent all the pin/unpin postings:
  3. What are the best resources for guidance building communities, picking moderators, dealing with spam, etc.?

Setting to disable pin/unpin messages?
(Jeff Atwood) #2

You can delete the pin/unpin messages by clicking the trashcan icon on those posts.

As for order, I think it’s in the order of the date of the first posts, like any other topics, right? Not quite sure, would have to test.

(Chris Anderson) #3

@justin_gordon did you figure out how to change the order of globally pinned topics? I’m a newbie and had this same question. Thanks!

(Kane York) #4

Globally pinned topics are ordered by last activity.

Basically, pins with more activity are usually more important for people coming back to the forum. Discourse optimizes for returning users.

(Chris Anderson) #5

Got it, thanks @riking.