Ordered list numbering wrong


According to standard markdown:


In particular:

"If the list item is ordered, then it is also assigned a start number, based on the ordered list marker.

10.  foo


Should result in:

<ol start="10">

But it doesn’t:

  1. foo


It gives:

<pre><code>   bar</code>

(Robin Ward) #2

It is way too early to consider us Standard Markdown compliant :slight_smile:

For now we expect to pass MDTest 1.1.

(Yamikuronue) #3

In which case the correct response is “Thanks for the report, I’ve added it to the backlog for the X.Y release” where X.Y is when you expect to be standards compliant, right? >.>

(Don’t mind me, I work in SQA)


No one considers Discourse to be Standard Markdown compliant. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just consider this a baby step on the road. This is very unintuitive behavior that makes users angry. And now it’s indisputably wrong.

I’ll let others find the rest of the discrepancies. :smile:

(Robin Ward) #5

It will definitely be fixed in the future, but believe it or not that’s how markdown is expected to work. It’s how Gruber’s dialect works and how the majority of parsers do.


In the future we’ll go to Standard Markdown to fix such quirks :smile:

(Yamikuronue) #6

Consider the user who does not use Markdown elsewhere. That user does not expect markdown to work any particular way. Does that user expect this behavior? Why or why not? Show your work. (5 points)

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Filing bugs on external Discourse dependencies