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Hi - Is there a way to order topics in a subcategory? I am trying to edit the order of mine into a more logically ascending order. Thanks. See below for example.



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Regardless of the order you set, the latest post will always push that topic to the top of the list.

So you could create the topics in the reverse order that you want them to appear and then lock them so no one can respond, but that’s not great for engagement. :wink:


@HAWK am I wrong in thinking this work around permits sorting topics within a sub category in the chron order you want? So far the order has held in the sub category no matter which topic is updated.

It does temporarily but as soon as someone posts something new in one of those topics it will jump to the top.

Really? To clarify, you’re saying that if someone responds to an old post that it doesn’t move to the top of the list? And you’re not using no-bump? If so, that’s unexpected… can you link me?

No. I am going to test it first thing tomorrow when I have access to my desktop. I can’t figure out how to access the date a topic was created on my iphone UI. Bummer if date created doesn’t hold as I really want to have people be able to comment on the topics but might sacrifice that to keep the sort order. I think I confirmed sort order worked without testing what happens when someone replies since I interpreted date created to be for topic. My bad. Will be sure to update the other thread with what you said here or be my guest and do so. Thanks.

Why is the sort order important? You might be able to achieve your goal in some other way.
Happy to brainstorm if you can explain your end goal.

It is for the topic and it adjusts the responses accordingly, but if you change a topic timestamp to today, posts made tomorrow will land ahead of it.


Thanks, Hawk. :pray:t2:

I make an argument for this function in the linked thread. Date-sorted video (topic) links of videoed local Council meetings. We watch them live and chat in Babble - A Chat Plugin and save serious comments for the video topic which is viewable by the public. Watched videos are archived. (These videos will be embedded in the topic once I get that figured out.)

Here is the sub category and sure enough a reply moved the topics out of order.

Am I wrong in thinking the bump plugin won’t stop replies changing the create date?

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Hmmmm. I think pinning them in order will mean they’ll display correctly for users until they watch them.
Once they’ve watched them it shouldn’t matter.

Or you could edit the timestamp when one of the ‘serious comments’ is posted but that’s manual and hacky.

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So locking the order won’t keep the order if a member watches a particular video. Ok.

If a member reads the topic (which has the video embedded) it will unpin and normal topic ordering will apply.

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I’m interested in this too for wiki categories. Could you use the category settings and choose the ‘created’ sort order? Doesn’t that sort by date topic was created?

Or maybe create one topic for all the videos in one topic (all in one topic or as replies) and another for recording discussion about the video later?

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Created date doesn’t hold as soon as someone watches a video or replies to the topic.

The beauty of the set up we have is while the private chat channel is open people watch the live video and reply to the topic with thoughtful comments the public gets to see. All on one screen.

All the videos in one topic would work to keep them in sort order for sure but I envision people wanting to share a particular topic video along with the comments on social media.We have fracking companies seeking to drill on the outskirts of town and a leak just happened in our neighbor town so sharing of videos is high on the cards.

I really appreciate the brainstorming.

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Cool. I’d like to see that in action and will join your community tomorrow if you don’t mind so I can observe it. I’d love to move this type of live engagement to discourse.

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I don’t mind at all. :slight_smile: We haven’t launched yet but plan to in March.


I am happy to chat anytime about the whole process. Anything to give back for all the help I have gotten in here. With a few plugins the forum is beyond amazing. There is nothing like discourse out there.

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Been brainstorming @hawk and @tobiaseigen.

Is there a limit on sub categories? Maybe I could create a growing list of sub categories, each sub category devoted to one video (instead of one topic per video). Then I just set the order of the sub categories in chron order . . .

Or…is it possible to do a master index topic that lists the topics in date order then links to the topics being indexed. Additionally could the topics being linked to be in the same category as the index but unlisted? So all the members see is the index and the topic when they open it up from the link on the index? I’d probably also suppress this category from latest topics. The question in this scenario is whether unlisting the topic precludes it from being linked to and viewed by members.

I will play with this tomorrow.

I have a video course embedded with a category on one of my Discourses that uses this method. The videos are designed to be watched in a specific order so I created an index topic with links to all the topics within the course and pinned the index topic. I also called out the index topic in the welcome email so users can find it easier.

Seems to work well in my case.

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Once you approach a thousand you’ll start to see performance issues.


This method works beautifully for ordering topics in a subcategory in any chron order you want. @joebuhlig above also uses this method. :slight_smile: I’d add that you can make the topics linked to in chron order in the index “unlisted” so that they are only accessed by members through the index, making for a tidy and simple UI in that resource category for members.


I would like to be able to have a kind of timetable in my categorie: For example the Categorie : “Monday Presentations” and then have the Presentations as topic in there ordered from Topic X (10:00) to Topic Y (12:00) etc. I think that is a common usecase right? Isnt there a kind of solution for it? Cant find it here. Thanks for your help!

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