Organize Categories in Alphabetic Order or Most Popular

(Charles Wilmott) #1

Categories seems to be the feature that needs the most work.
There not very organized and it seem awkward trying to find them within editor too :

I have idea Maybe it would be better to show
categories in Alphabet Order or Most Popular?

I hope that’s helpful idea :blush:

(Régis Hanol) #2

There already are sorted by “popularity” :wink:

(Darrel Drobnich) #3

Need the ability to sort by alphabetical order or as you want to give most accessiblity for different user groups

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Simply order them as you see fit, but you must enable category ordering in the site settings first.

(Robert Lauriston) #5

Is it possible to have subcategories of a parent sorted automatically in alphabetical order? It’s kind of a pain to have to do it manually with numbers.

Alternatively, if there were a way to assign numbers to all of a parent’s subcategories on the same page, that would make it a lot easier.