Organize subcategories when creating 'new topics' (dropdown)

In the “New Topic” screen there is a drop down to select categories

Is it possible to organize the subcategories within that drop down? Because right now it looks really messy on my forum.

I want to make it so subcategories are all in order under the parent category. And they are slightly indented. Or better yet, there is a drop down on the parent categories that opens up and shows the sub categories.

Which option is better?
And can someone provide me with the code to do this?

You can enable the “fixed category positions on create” site setting if you want.

is there any way of changing the order of sub-categories post creation?

However, I see it orders them by the number of posts each contains, the biggest first, which is a sensible order in any case …

Yes, but you’ll also need to enable the “fixed category positions

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I already have done that, but it still looks unorganized and confusing for new users

Is it possible to do this?

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