Organizing Discourse and SSO?

(Ryan Erwin) #1

Curious what people are doing in the real world… Say you have:

  • Discourse Site (mostly anonymous… some customers, some staff)
  • Ecommerce Site (mostly anonymouse… some customers, some staff)
  • Zen Desk Site (mostly customers, some staff)
  • Gsuite Office (staff only)

Is it better to use Discourse as the SSO provider? But then what to do on the Ecommerce site if they don’t already have a Discourse account? Forcing them to authenticate an email during checkout could lower conversions…

Is it better to setup an independent SSO provider?

There’s obviously a lot of overlap between each (thus the reason for SSO… haha) yet there seem to be two different types of users (staff vs customers) that could have different directories…

(Bhanu Sharma) #2

This is my Use case.

Definitely. It’s much easy to manage IMHO

Use Your ecommerce site as SSO provider and discourse as a client! … Check cloudflare’s community for a perfect example.

Where you have a reason (Other app already has users etc.)