Our AWS based SMTP server is listed in email blacklists, what can we do?

(Mohi) #1

I have an invitation-only platform but when I send invitation to Yahoo accounts it goes to spam folder. I found out that I am listed in two black lists: CASA-CBLPLUS and SPAMCANNIBAL. how can I solve the problem?
My host is AWS.

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Contact those blacklists and ask them.

(Mittineague) #3

Hmm, as many posts as I’ve read here I have never before seen any with this problem.

I guess the first step is determining if it might have been something you did out of the ordinary.

Did you change any of these Settings from the default?

invites per page
Default invites shown on the user page.

default invitee trust level
Default trust level (0-4) for invited users.

max invites per day
Maximum number of invites a user can send per day.

max topic invitations per day
Maximum number of topic invitations a user can send per day.

default email direct
Send an email when someone quotes/replies to/mentions or invites the user by default.

Did you edit the invite email template?

Did you resend unredeemed invites?

(Jeff Atwood) #4

It could be that the IP address mail is sent from is already burned for other reasons. Like I said: contact the blacklists and ask them.

(Mohi) #5

I will check them but I don’t think so.
Yes we send a customized email for people but I don’t think that be the problem.
The first invitation for yahoo accounts is placed in spam folder.

(Dave Higgins) #6

I found https://www.mail-tester.com/ very helpful. Did you pass the tests there?
Send your test emails from Admin > Emails

(Mohi) #7

Yes I worked with that and I found out I am listed in two black lists. It’s very useful.

(Matt Palmer) #8

That’s your problem. AWS IP space has a really bad reputation, because AWS does very little to stop miscreants using its resources to abuse the rest of the Internet. I’ve got all of AWS SES (“Spam Enablement Service”, as its known in the business) in my personal blacklists, and rely on content filtering to weed out the direct-from-instance spam, but I’m not surprised that some chunks of AWS space have ended up in various blacklists, probably forever.

Your best bet is to move your mail relaying, at the very least, out of AWS IP space, to somewhere that doesn’t let anyone with a stolen credit card and a shell script bombard the rest of the Internet with their garbage.