Override HOME/END keys to perform same action as topic counter

(Kane York) #1

Let’s jump into one of the large topics on the front page right now:

Hm, that’s a lot of posts. I don’t have time to read all of them. I see the “Best Of Mode” header, but I just want to see why it was on the front page. So I hit my END key!

Waaaaaaat? 23 of 64? But I wanted the end!

Pretty sure this would be a small piece of javascript that listens for the keypress and activates the same function as the count navigator.

(By the way, PageUp and PageDown are fine as they currently are right now. I just don’t want End to be a “bigger Page Down key”.)
(And yes, I’m aware that I can click the time on the right side, but I’d typically be making the decision to go to the bottom after processing the context and content of the first post.)

Global Gmail style keyboard shortcuts
(Randall Koutnik) #2

Pretty sure this is due to the “infinite scroll” not being truly infinite. The first 23 posts are loaded and when you scroll to the bottom, more are AJAX’d to your browser*. While hitting the end key could trigger loading more posts, you’ll still be stuck at #23 with a nice loading spinner. Best just to keep whacking END until you get there.

(Kane York) #3

@SomeKittens Yes, I’m aware of that. But, if you click the down arrow, you start loading from the BOTTOM with ajax. Which is what I’m asking for to be applied to the End key.

(Sam Saffron) #4

We want proper keyboard shortcuts gmail style. This request is in the same boat and sounds fine to me.

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(Jeff Atwood) #5

Home and End work as you would expect now in topics and topic lists (though don’t expect “end” to take you to the very last topic, just the end of the current “page”).

(Jeff Atwood) #6