Page Identifier to Use in CSS for static page creted by plugin

I think I have figured out that there is not any kind of page id created in Discourse that I could target as a class or an id in CSS. I have a custom global message that I really want to not show on one page (a static page). But I am not finding a way to target it via css. If anyone has tried to do this and successfully done it, I’d like to know how you accomplished it. Thank you!

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Which page specifically? if there’s not a class for it we can probably add one.

Hi @awesomerobot

This is the URL: Mineral Rights Forum

Since it looks like that’s a page generated by the pages plugin, you can just add a css class to the page by editing it. It’s raw html.


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Oh, is it this plugin (there are a couple different ones)? ProCourse Static Pages

I had assumed it was our native page publishing or an existing static page like /about

I’m not very familiar with static page plugins, but I think the problem is that the static page content appears below the global message… so it’s impossible to get a class in there to target the message? That plugin would need to be modified to add the class.

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