Page scrolling bug on mobile devices within iframe

(Alexander S.) #1


We’re trying to use Discourse platform from our mobile application by loading it in an iframe.

The users started complaining that the page randomly scrolls to the top, they can’t compose messages and so on. I personally saw this issue in 1.3 as well as in the most recent version (just upgraded from git).

Another issue is that on mobile (I am testing on the iphone 5s) when you click the Reply button in always scrolls to the top of the page, but the box for the message appears at the bottom. When you click “Close” link to close that box it also scrolls to the top. So it’s hell for users.

The users are very frustrated because of this issue.

Thank you,

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Discourse does not support running in an iframe, and never has.

(Alexander S.) #3

Well, it does work great, except of these scrolling issues.

(Robin Ward) #4

We can’t dedicate any resources to unsupported configurations, so unfortunately you’re on your own with this one.