[PAID-job] Plugin to list "unanswered topics"



I’m looking for a discourse plugin expert to create a plugin for me.

Currently I’m doing this manually

  1. Find the list of “topics with zero posts”
  2. I have a pinned topic with title “Unanswered topics”. In this topic, I edit the first post and then update the URLs of “topics with zero posts” there.
  3. I do this manually every day.

I’d like to automate this using a plugin.

(Bruno) #2

Stupid question:

How do you this exactly? What is the search command?

(cpradio) #3

Why not have it as a navigation link? (which requires zero programming)

(Bruno) #4

That’s a good idea. I tried implementing it, but perhaps I’m missing something?

(Joe Buhlig) #5

You can get a view of all the topics with zero posts (outside the OP) with this link: https://meta.discourse.org/?max_posts=1

Namely, add ?max_posts=1 to any URL you want to filter.

(system) #6

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