PAID: migrate my discourse installation

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I’ve got currently a discourse install on DO $10 with plenty features and lacking mainly multisite. Could also use some SSL and CDN but that will depend on price agreements.

I need someone who can migrate it to a DO $5, and install a new discourse with the same features for a related non-profit. I’m very aware even DO 5 is below the minimum requirements, but I still believe it should be enough for my usage case.

I’ll update my budget for this as I may see fit, but right now I can say it is U$ 60 (because or else I might just keep it on DO 10 and add multisite there on my own, later on).

I was going to “offer” 99 for the discourse team to do it (and thus go over my budget a bit as a thank you), but they already said they won’t (and I just found out they don’t like taking donations anyway).

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