[PAID] Plugin to hide few elements just from the moderators using CSS


I want a plugin created.

I would like to hide few elements in the site from “just” the moderators using CSS.

I have the required CSS code with me that hides some elements in the site.
If I use it in the CSS customisation section, it applies to all users.
But I want it applicable only to the moderators in the site.

So, I’m guessing this will require a plugin.

If anyone is interested in taking this up, please contact me by sending me your email address - and then we can discuss about it in email. Also, please reply here as well when you contact me - this is to ensure that the thread is up-to-date. And once I select someone for this job, I will be posting about it here.
(as per the new marketplace rules)

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I’m interested in your task. I’ll contact you via private message for some details. :slight_smile:

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