[PAID] To fix my nginx config file to enable WP blog under /blog


I have my discourse forum up and running. The discourse forum is running under a docker container. I wanted to use the same droplet to host my WP blog as well (under /blog). So, I installed nginx outside the docker container and through reverse proxy, now the discourse forum is working.

I have my WP blog files stored outside the docker container.
WP blog files location: /var/www/html/blog
I want this WP blog to be accessible under site.com/blog

I need help with editing the nginx config file to make this work.

So, basically I need help with just editing the nginx file (Everything else is already in place)

I’m looking for someone ASAP and can pay $50 to help me with this.

Installing wp in sub folder (https-docker-setup)
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Even if the config is set and it works, if someone links to your blog in a post, it will fail because the Discourse JS app will fail to recognize it.

There are a couple of ways around it, the easiest one is having the blog on blog.yoursite.com instead of a folder.


I can deal with that.
But I really want it to be there under /blog

Can you please help.
If so - I can send you the $50 right away and you can get started

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I’m not available, just had this same problem in a similar setup and people got feed-up with /blog links being broken and had to move it to a proper subdomain, and offered advice.

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