Paid topic creation


Is there a way to create a category where posters must pay a fee to create topics? I am thinking of a classified ads category.


I don’t believe this is possible. Sounds like plugin territory to me and also don’t believe there is a plugin for it made yet either.

(cpradio) #3

Check out

That allows you to setup a paid membership, which will grant access to a specific category (of your choosing)


Thanks, but this is not really the same as a paid topic. Sometimes membership hurts your sales because people don’t feel comfortable getting billed every month.

(cpradio) #5

He also has a Buy Now button, which is for single purchases, however, that doesn’t then permit them access to a category for posting. Looks like you will have to either write a plugin or find someone who can write one to do this. Those are the two closest examples to date that I know of.