Papertrail of moderator actions

(Marco Ceppi) #1

There’s been some recent confusion as to who did what on our Discourse install. I wasn’t able to determine if there was or not, but having a way to see what actions a moderator has taken against a user (similar to edits on a post, etc) would be helpful to build an audit log to verify facts and settle disputes.

(Ben T) #2

You can read the production log for all actions made on the board; including the deletion and hiding of posts by IP. I also think it’d be cool if this was logged in the admin console, but it is there if you want to hunt it down.

A post that’s flagged looks like this, with a POST request before it with the IP.

Processing by PostActionsController#create as */*
Parameters: {"id"=>"30", "post_action_type_id"=>"4", "take_action"=>"true"}
Completed 200 OK in 1067ms (Views: 0.2ms | ActiveRecord: 697.6ms)

and a deleted thread looks like

Started DELETE "/t/252" for <ip> at <time>

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Yes, this is definitely in the works. We have a small stub of functionality coming here with the “Delete Spammer” functionality that is about to be deployed by @neil – this action will be logged in the Staff Actions table.

Certainly future staff actions will be logged here as well.

(Marco Ceppi) #4

@trident Thanks, I understand this, and have on the rare occasion it’s needed, hunted through the logs. However, there are far more staff than there are people with access to the server, hence the feature request :smile:

@codinghorror Fantastic, looking forward to this!

(Neil Lalonde) #5

We have a staff_action_logs table (used to be called admin_logs until right now). We need to start using it and improving it, but in the meantime it’s a better place to look before digging through the log files. Adding a UI in admin for those logs is on my to-do list.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

The UI for viewing moderator actions is now in place under /admin/logs/ along with screened emails and screened URLs.

(Will) #7

Does this happen to get passed through syslog? It’d be awfully nice to be able to export these logs to another machine through syslog.

(Jeff Atwood) #8